MagicBand Decal Instructions

  1. Clean Your MagicBand with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry completely. Even if it is brand new, out of the box, still clean it. It is IMPERATIVE that you clean the band properly or the adhesive will not stick.
  2. Un-snap YourMagicBand - DO NOT lay it flat or bend it backwards. Let it form to its natural shape.
  3. Apply - Remove one side of the decal from its backing paper. Hold the decal close to the end and line it up with the end of the colored part of the MagicBand. Lightly press into place and work your way to the middle of the MagicBand, making sure to conform the “arms” around the middle area. Be careful not to stretch the decal or to stick it down too firmly at this stage. If you make a mistake the decal can be lifted and repositioned. If you are happy with the placement you may now smooth the decal in to place and then firmly apply pressure to make sure it's fully adhered. Repeat the process for the other side of the MagicBand.
  4. If Lifting occurs for any reason or has bubbles or wrinkles, apply a small amount of heat from a hairdryer to help to activate the adhesive and press the decal back down as it is heated up.
  5. Snap it up when finished and allow to sit for several hours to allow the vinyl to adhere more. DO NOT BEND YOUR BAND BACKWARDS AS THE VINYL FORMS TO ITS NATURAL CURVED SHAPE.
  6. Protection - As the printed bands do come with a protective overlay, you can wear them in the pool.